Rental Property Maintenance

Maintenance is the most persistent issue at rental properties. Hot water heater has failed. Garbage disposal not working. Garage door is broken. The list goes on and on!

Since you, the owner, aren’t in the house every day, you don’t catch the little problems before they turn into big repairs. Maintenance with EHM lets you have peace of mind in your real estate investment.

Professional Rental Property Maintenance

  • Essentials Plan featuring monthly on-site preventative maintenance
  • Emergency Services (24/7 response to frozen pipes, flooded basement, etc)
  • Handyman Services for all those miscellaneous requests, as requested by you or your tenant

Affordable Maintenance Expense

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  • The IRS allows deduction of “expenditures made to keep your property in good working condition”
  • Essentials Plan is a package of services discounted at 40% retail rates, with a dedicated Property Manager and a regular Maintenance Technician

Monitor Your Property Maintenance On Your Digital Profile

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  • Complete list of all the services at your property (repairs, ongoing preventative maintenance, and projects)
  • Request a service with just a few steps
  • Call your personal technician any time
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